fall back in love with your closet

fall back in love with your closet
taking inventory of what I own...

We have so many clothes in our closet, so what is our goal when we buy more?  Is there a goal?  For me, the aimless scroll is entertaining and passes time and there is an exciting moment when I click “buy” -- and then the thrill is gone.  Sometimes it comes back when I receive the package but usually I don't even remember what I bought and it’s so much work to open the box, try it on, get rid of the box, find a place in my closet to store it, or repack it and bring it to ups/usps/fedex to ship out.  It’s such a chore.  

According to the chief design officer for California Closets, the average person wears only 20% of their clothing 80% of the time.  That tells me two things: one, our favorite closet staples are getting a ton of action, which means we need good quality items - my quick pitch to buy simply stitchd :) -- and two,  that there is a ton of stuff in the back of our closet that we can bring back to life.  

When I explore what’s in my closet, like really explore and look in the wayyy back, I find things I haven’t worn in months, sometimes years.  When I find these old but new pieces, I want to figure out how to bring them back to life.  I wish I had the old school app that Cher had in Clueless with a database of all of her clothes, so I can see what I actually own so I can create new outfits!  

Thinking more about Cher’s clothing app, I decided to take inventory of my entire closet, and write it down.  Not going to lie, it’s daunting and super freggen time consuming but once this is done, I can actually see what I own and create a makeshift Cher database and create new outfits with the items I already own.  This will also help me answer the question “is this a new or replacement item” when I’m shopping.  I will share the template when it’s ready.  Warning, you must pair this activity with wine to make it more interesting.  More to come about this process and how it's working for me in future blogs.

Peace, love, trees & tees,