my new approach to shopping

my new approach to shopping
scroll, research, buy, wear, love.

Previously when I saw new styles, pretty colors and beautiful photography, I shopped.  It didn’t matter if I had 4 black sweaters, if I saw a 5th that I liked, I would buy it.  But after I would buy it, I would feel super guilty for spending money, cluttering my closet and being wasteful.  Usually my new sweater didn’t get worn because how many black sweaters can you really wear - and let's be honest, you totally have a favorite.  So I wanted to create some structure around how I think about my purchases.  I call this the ‘common nicole, freggen think and stop being impulsive’ method.  

A little backstory about how I came up with this: prior to simply stitchd, I worked in corporate HR and ran their recruiting department, so I thought about a purchase similar to a hiring decision. The typical things you would ask yourself when you are hiring someone are:

1. Is this headcount a replacement or addition?
2. How will this new hire fit within the current team and what can they add to the current team?
3. What are their plans longer term?
4. Are their salary requirements within range?
5. What are their values and do they align with the company’s?
6. Do you want to work with this person?

I realized, it's literally the same thing when you are making  a purchase:

1. Is this item a replacement or an addition?
2. How does this item fit within my current closet? What does it go with? What outfits can it make?
3. Is this a quality piece of clothing that will be around for a long time?
4. Is it properly priced and within my range?
5. How is this item made? Am I comfortable with the company and their values?
6. Will you wear this item multiple times...cue the 30 day pledge.  Will I wear this a minimum of 30 times?  #30wearschallenge

I make a lot of decisions by listening to my gut, (typically we shy away from using that method in hiring) but it feels right when we are talking about a closet.  So this method is for people who buy a lot and want to buy less, regardless of motivation (finances, environment, less clutter or just not having the space).  

Let’s see it in action: I really wanted a shacket.  I went through the exercise and saw that: it's an addition item, I don’t have anything like it, I will wear it more than 30 times and it will go with 90% of my wardrobe.  So instead of buying the first one I saw and then 5 others after that (typical Nicole), I did a bunch of research and found the perfect one to join my closet.  I’m super excited about it and wore it a couple of times already, of course with my simply stitchd tee underneath.  I found that taking the time to do the research by looking at a bunch of colors, styles and stores and going through my questioning exercise, was actually fun and I was more excited about my purchase than I usually am.  And to be honest, I didn’t feel guilty for making the purchase!  Which was refreshing.  

Changing your own behavior is very difficult, at least for me it is!  I keep reminding myself about my larger goal, which is to live a less complicated, and more simple life, while creating the least amount of trash.  Thinking through my buying decisions with my method above has been a helpful tool and I’m going to continue to use it and will keep you updated!

Peace, love, trees & tees,