shopping small and intentional this year, holiday style

shopping small and intentional this year, holiday style
gifting differently this year

I usually go all out for holiday shopping, by that I mean, ordering a bunch of stuff to my house from {insert big box store name}, wrapping it and then giving someone in my family a thoughtful but mediocre gift that they probably won’t use or need.  In my mind it was always the more gifts the better as long as they were thoughtful.  

This year feels different, for me at least.  First, I actually have time to go into stores instead of commuting and the endless meetings of corporate business planning, but more importantly, buying a ton of pointless Christmas gifts conflicts with my new goal of simplicity.  I’m not trying to impose my new simplistic lifestyle on everyone else, but I do want to be intentional with my gift giving and make sure I’m not just contributing to clutter in someone else's home.

This year I went to local stores and  holiday markets to find holiday gifts.  Also, I pared down the number of gifts significantly.  Not only am I shopping local but there are so many small online businesses I respect, love and want to support.  The beautiful thing about the pandemic has been so many people starting their own businesses and creating brands and products they are passionate about.  These businesses are eco friendly and don’t ship a small candle in a box the size of my dining room chair - no joke this has happened to me before.  

Here are some new-ish online brands I’m a huge fan of.  They all sell everyday items, are environmentally conscious and where I did some of my holiday shopping:
Our Place, Lunya, Bloomscape, Kobo Candles... and at simply stitchd, we are focusing on selling at local markets, like American Field this holiday season.  

If we can start shopping small, shopping intentionally and shopping less, I believe these little things contribute to a more simple life and it helps us do our part to help nature.

Peace, love, trees & tees,